Using Grade Analytics

Course Comrade offers a variety of analytics to allow users to measure, track, and compare their academic success over time. This short guide will walk you through adding your grades and viewing your progress. To view more guides, visit

First, you must ensure that grade analytics are enabled for your courses. This is the responsibility of each course’s manager. Once you have enrolled in a course (Community Courses), navigate to Dashboard -> Analytics. If you see the following message under GPA Calculations (Figure 1), the course manager has not enabled grade analytics for this course.

Figure 1: Grade Analytics Not Enabled

If this is the case, you can contact the course manager on the Community Courses page. Otherwise, continue reading.

Next, navigate to Dashboard -> Upcoming. Scroll through the list or use the filters to find an assessment for which you want to enter a grade. Mark the assessment as complete by moving the “Status” slider to the far right. Figure 2 shows how marking an assessment as complete changes the “Personal Notes” field to the “Enter Grade” field.

Figure 2: Notes/Grades Field

Your personal notes are still saved and can be recovered by marking the assessment as “Incomplete” or “In-Progress”.

Regardless, you are now able to enter your grade for each complete assessment. Make sure you enter it as a percentage (e.g. 80.5). Do not include a “%” sign. Course Comrade allows two decimal places of precision. Once entered, click the “Save” button that has appeared to the right of the text box. If successfully entered, you will see a green “Success” message at the top of your screen.

Finally, navigate back to Dashboard -> Analytics, and the analytics fields should now be populated.

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