What is Course Comrade? An Overview

First of all, thanks for your interest! If you’re wondering whether or not Course Comrade is worth your time, allow me to provide a brief overview.

What is it?

Course Comrade is a university course organization tool driven by the community. While it’s still in its early stages, Course Comrade allows most users to skip the tedious process of inputting all the information about assessments, deadlines, etc. As well, it enables users to track their GPA throughout the semester, among other analytics. Course Comrade is available online in desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.

Overview Page

How do I join?

To register, navigate to http://app.coursecomrade.net/register. You will see the page below:

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Once here, enter the required information. Select your school from the available dropdown list. Only courses from the same university as you will be available. If your university is not mentioned, send an email to info@coursecomrade.net. As well, make sure you choose a password you will remember.

Add Courses

Now that you’ve registered, navigate to “Community Courses” (click here). Use the search bar to add courses from your university. Make sure you only add courses managed by people you trust. It is the course manager’s responsibility to update deadlines, modify assessments, etc.

Once courses are added, you can color-code them using the “Courses Following” table at the bottom of the same page.

You’re Done!

You can now use Course Comrade to its full extent. If you have questions, feel free to browse our documentation. If you have questions, feel free to email me personally at info@coursecomrade.net.